Develop The Mindset of A Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur

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EP 014: Kent Clothier

Founder of Real Estate Worldwide talks about Reverse Wholesaling

Flip Connect Media Podcast 014 | Kent Clothier | Real Estate Worldwide
What is Reverse Wholesaling? Kent Clothier coined the term Reverse Wholesaling with his innovative strategy of identifying end buyers criteria before sending out your marketing. Kent is the Founder of Real Estate Worldwide REWW – One of the true pioneers in this industry, he continues to help entrepreneurs and real estate investors scale their businesses.

EP 013: Brent Daniels

TTP (Talk To People) With Wholesaling Inc

Flip Connect Media Podcast 013 | Brent Daniels | Wholesaling Inc TTP
Podcast Interview with Brent Daniels, the creator of the advanced wholesale training, TTP. Brent runs a multi-million dollar wholesaling business out of Phoenix, AZ. He has coached tons of people with a simple and effective strategy on how to get on the phone and talk to motivated sellers.

I have the tenacity to never give up because I am focused on rewriting my narrative. By living a life of purpose, I am not only able to inspire those closest to me, but I will also be able to leave my footprint on humanity.

-Ben Lovro

EP 012: Adrian Nez

Lead Generation Rain Maker

Flip Connect Media Podcast | Episode 012 | Adrian Nez with Investor Carrot
In this episode of the Flip Connect Media Podcast, Adrian Nez the Chief Rainmaker talks about the importance of renewing your mind. Real Estate Investing is 80% Mindset and 20% Execution.