Guide To Finding Off Market Properties in Columbia

If you want to buy a house in Columbia, some of the best deals you’ll come across won’t be on the MLS. The best deals are typically off-market properties. But how do you find them if they aren’t listed? In our latest post, we offer a guide to finding off-market properties in Columbia and beyond.

Investors and savvy savvy homebuyers find the best deals when they stay off the MLS. Private sellers and investors don’t typically put their houses on the MLS. You’ll need to do your homework in order to find the best property deals in Columbia.

Scour Classifieds

Many times, sellers will try to sell their house without an agent in order to get a feel for the amount of interest in the home. They will place ads both in print and online, offering their home for sale. Contact these off-market sellers to negotiate a price for a private sale. If you don’t involve agents in the transaction, everyone will save money. The classifieds are the most basic and simple way of advertising. This is where many people start when trying to sell their houses before moving on to more costly platforms. By searching the classifieds each day, you will likely be able to find properties you might not have come across otherwise.

Drive The Neighborhood

Simply dring the streets in the neighborhoods you like can be a great way to find off-market deals. So homeowners will be selling privately, and have only a small yard sign. Other properties might be neglected or appear vacant. These sellers may not even know they want to sell, but will realize they should after getting your offer! Instead of driving, you could go for a walk too! Slowing down will give you a better opportunity to see the houses without looking creepy! You might even get the opportunity to talk to a neighbor to learn more about the area and let them know of your intention to buy. They might know of a house or two that are going to be listed for sale soon.


In addition to talking to the neighbors, you should try to network as much as possible. Talk to people at local networking events, gatherings that bring out the whole town, and with the people you encounter every day. Your mailman’s niece might be thinking about selling, but never would have known if you hadn’t put it out there. Let people know what you are looking for and you will be surprised at all of the potential leads you will find!

Find An Investor To Partner With

Hiring or working with a professional Columbia investor will ultimately save you time and money. While many agents specialize in off-market properties, a local property investor such as INVESTOR DEAL SOURCE will be able to provide the best houses at the best prices. We work on finding deals and restoring properties. We know you are looking for a deal too, which is why we pass saving on down to you! Give us a call today to find out more about what we have available and how we can help you find off market properties in Columbia!

Are you interested in finding off-market properties in Columbia? We can help! Send us a message or give us a call today to find out what’s available! (803) 828-0889

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